Hello guys, today in this blog we will tell you the best methods to increase your brain power.

Some people say that if you keep learning any skill then your mind power will increase automatically but it will take a lot of time.there are also methods if you use them then definitely your mind power will increase within a month.

brush opposite hand

1 work with your non-dominant hand- if you want to increase brain cells then you should do things with your non-dominant hand. By doing this you will learn new things. This is a very simple and efficient method to increase our mind power.

For example if you brush from your right hand so now you have to try to do this with your left hand. By doing this your mind will make new cells to remember that activity and if you keep doing this then your activity would be stored in the subconscious mind.

When you do this the first time you feel awkward but do it continually you will get results.


2 Do visualization – Visualization is the power to think about something. This is the form of images. But most people can’t visualize for 1 minute whenever they start to visualize then they could not do it for a long time. Other thoughts disturb them again and again.If you think that you can visualize anything in a perfect way then you are intelligent. Visualization is a technique which can improve only by practice.

I will suggest that first you should visualize something for 5 minute after that you have to increase your  time day by day. Once you visualise something for 15-30 minute then your mind power will increase automatically.

remember dream

3 Remember your dream- we all see different kinds of dreams. Sometimes we fall from any building and sometimes we meet our love in a dream but in the morning we forget our 95% dream.

It happens because of our lack of intelligence. So you have to do one thing after waking up: you have to try to remember your dream and what you saw in your dream. Maybe the first time you remember 10% of your dream but you do this regularly. Believe me if you try this regularly then your mind can store data for a long time.

write song

4 Write and sing songs- we all know music has power to make us relax. And we can not ignore this fact.if you write any song then you have to think a lot about the song and how you can write a unique song.then you have to compose it and this process increases your thinking power. you have to think in a different way. By doing this creative work your mind power will increase automatically. This is a very interesting way which I have discussed today.

Also you can learn how to play musical instruments. This way is also best to increase your brain power. 

learn new language

5 Learn a new language- learning is a good way to increase your brain cells and learning a new language is a way to increase your brain power. We all know our national language but we should also try to learn another language as well.

If you know an additional language it will boost your confidence and you will be able to talk with new people also. If you meet people from other countries or different regions then you will not hesitate to talk with them. and this is how you can enhance your brain power.

explore new areas

6 Explore new areas- in my college days I always tried to explore new routes. It made me curious to know about new routes.  If you are fond of exploring new areas then you can visit new places. This is a good method to increase your brain power. When you visit new places you get to know about their people’s  lifestyle.and you will learn a lot of things.

Travel is very important to know about nature. In this busy world we forget about our natural things like rivers,mountains and oceans. 


7 Meditate- meditation is best for increasing our brain cells. If you do meditation in the morning it will be more beneficial to you. Just close your eyes and visualize a dot in your mind and focus on it. Maybe for the first time you would not focus for a single minute but if you do this regularly then you can increase your focus level. 

After doing meditation you will feel stress free. And your mind becomes calm.we have already published a one blog on how you can calm your mind.

Here you can access that blog- HOW TO CALM YOUR MIND

In this blog we have discussed the most useful ways to increase your mind power. If you have any suggestion or doubt in your mind you can tell us in the comment section and please like this blog.


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